HFJ-26B Computerized Quilting Machine


HFJ-26B series computerized single needle quilting machine is the most popular export model with good precision and fast speed.

HFJ-26B series computerized quilting machine is suitable for quilting patterns on duvet, mattress pad, bedcover, garments, etc. Can also quilt on sponge and leather.
1) 17"LCD (SAMSUNG brand) with Chinese and English version. With 300 patterns already in the computer; lockstitch, high precision
2) Power supply:220V, 50Hz, 2kw
3) Automatically stops if thread breaks
4) Automatically stop against malfunction of computer, motor, and display
5) Pattern form: .DST
6) USB interface
7) Single stitch length:2-7mm
8) Needle type: DP5 18~22#
9) Max. speed: 2200rpm
10) Max. thickness:1500 gsm

Specification B: HFJ-26B2426
Max quilt size:2400 (W) × 2600 (L) mm
Max needle drop size:2200 (W) × 2400 (L) mm
M/C dimension:5000 (L) × 3890 (W) × 1780 (H) mm
Packing size:3940 (L) × 920(W) × 2000 (H) mm
N.W.: 1800kg   G.W.: 2000kg