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dn-5s-2d machine quilting with sewing machine

Parameters l Type * DN-8-S-2426 DN-8-S-2628 DN-8-S-2830
Machine size 4.6×3.4×1.35m 5.0×3.9×1.35m 5.4×4.0×1.35m
Max Quilt Size 2.4m×2.6m 2.6m×2.8m 2.8m×3.0m
Sewing-Machine High speed, Single head, single needle, double line lock type line trace, big rotary
Quilting Thick 1200g/Square meter
Maximum Speed 30000Needle / minute
Stitch length Stitch2~7mm
Thread trimming device Optional
Needle 18~23#
Power AC 220V 50Hz
Weight 1300kg 1400KG 1500KG
Driving system Intelligent digital control servo system
Data interface Serial, U disk
Configuration AC servo motor
Remarks “*” indicates a standard product


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