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Brand Name:ZUSUN
Model Number :CM-500 AND CM-5001L
Feed Mechanism :Needle Feed
Max. Sewing Speed :1200
Type :Mini Sewing Machine
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Applications of Desk-top Blindstitch Machine CM-500:1. A kind of special industrial Blindstitch Machine widely used for seaming cuff, shirt, glove, sock, suitable for fabric of cotton, wool, chemical fiber, etc.2. Especially for clothes monopolistic shops, dry cleaning shops, and small-scale garment manufactories.
Features of Desk-top Blindstitch Machine CM-500: 1. Inserted with mini motor for easy operation. No need to insert table and bracket, it will be started by connecting electricity. 2. The single thread blindstitch hides itself so that you can see no sewn stitch from outside, which makes the clothes much neater and more elegant.
Specifications of Desk-top Blindstitch Machine CM-500: Mode: One thread ChainstitchSpeed: Max 1, 200s.p.mLength: 3-8mmSkip stitch: 1: 1, 2: 1 Needle: LWx6T(#11 #14)SUB-Class:CM-500-1 Skip CM-500L-1 Skip, suitable for thin materialsCM-500H-1 Skip, suitable for thick materialsCM-500-3 No Skip


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